Outsourced Tech Staffing

Are you in need of an outsourced professional on your premises?

Call us and we will deliver the right person for the Job.

Velocita Technology Inc. was formed on the foundation of being a dependable partner and providing premier solutions for Information Technology professionals and businesses, careers, and company culture. Our goal is to match IT experts with business needs, while building mutually beneficial professional relationships. For the past 15 years we have been operating with these values at the core of our organization as we place IT professionals throughout Northern Illinois. The power of personal connection distinguishes Velocita Technology in the crowded market of Information Technology recruiting. Through specialty education, extensive experience and most importantly, personal relationships, we have proven our services and superior industry knowledge are what make exceptional technical solutions and staffing.

An in-house professional at your fingertips is perfect for short or long durations.

techstaffingWe can't stress enough the convenience of an in-house staff member working on a software, hardware, or IT project. They will always be there on hand to answer your questions and make changes and improvements. 

Contact us at 815-744-9595, Live Chat, Contact Form, or stop in at Velocita Technology, 50 Barney Drive, Joliet, IL. 60435