Velocita Total Care

Velocita's TotalCare programs will take the pain out of understanding the things that can go wrong.

TotalCare programs can be customized to include many of the day-to-day computer, network, telephone systems and other IT elements that clients would rather not worry about.

TotalCare programs streamline and maintain your information technology systems with reliable, cost-effective support and management services. TotalCare programs are designed for businesses requiring a responsive support partner for their day-to-day needs. TotalCare programs provide you access to our team of qualified IT support experts who have the experience of providing complete and competitive solutions.

With both Fixed Price or Pay As You Go support options, you can choose which type of IT support fits your company best. You are able to mix and match our services to suit your needs.

Velocita Technology gives you more!

The hub of our Support Services is the TotalCare Help Desk. By contacting our Help Desk, clients receive technical assistance with access to our full engineering resources that ensure that problems and requests are identified and resolved as quickly as possible. Our total care velocita technologyFixed Price Support services include a guaranteed response time along with assigned priority levels to ensure a rapid and efficient resolution.

Our central System Monitoring and Alerting capability watches for and notifies us of any issues or potential problems with our clients' key servers and network systems, checking that things are running as they should. If a problem occurs, our Help Desk and engineers are automatically notified and can start working to resolve it quickly to minimize any disruption. From a systems outage, to checking that the last backup ran successfully, Velcoita Technology can continually monitor the health of your IT infrastructure.

Maintaining systems and keeping them safe from the latest threats and problems can waste a lot of valuable time and resources. Software updates are released frquently and are often overlooked. Many times critical patches are not even applied. We are always on top of the latest industry developments and will keep you up to date on the updates that are pertinent to the health of your company's IT.

Losing a software license or forgetting to renew your update warranty coverage on critical system hardware is all too easy to do for a busy company. Stay in control of your software licenses and hardware warranties with the TotalCare License and Warranty Management Report that is provided to you monthly.

Velocita Technology clients can choose the coverage they need, 8x5 to 24x7. If there is not a TotalCare program that meets your needs, no problem, we will create one.

Our primary support tool is our Remote Assistance technology. Coupled with our monitoring and diagnostic tools, Velocita's LiveSupport remote assistance allows us to resolve the majority of issues rapidly and without on-site visits. Using these tools we can remotely connect to computers and systems to quickly assist in diagnosing faults and problems, keeping disruption and downtime to a minimum. Velocita's LiveSupport doesn't cost any extra—it's a core part of our service.

For those moments when you absolutely need us to be there! Available either as Pay As You Go or as an option to Fixed Price support, our On-Site Support service will help you diagnose and recover from critical system and network failures that remote support alone cannot resolve.

Velocita Technology's On-Site Support service is also there for all those extra bits which need doing, such as deploying new desktops and laptops, assisting with moves and changes, or to simply supplement your in-house IT staff during their busiest times.

From simple health checks and supporting baseline requirements to a full and regular network audit for internal or compliance reasons, Velocita can create and maintain a full IT asset register for your business.

Multiple systems? Supporting Microsoft Windows desktops and servers, Apple Macintosh (Mac OS X) and Linux systems is not a problem for our highly skilled technical support team. There is no need to have different support companies for different systems. The solution is one company who enjoys working with and supporting them all.

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